wicker parkUnits are being quickly gobbled up in one of the most unique housing complexes in Chicago—a former Gothic Revival church in Wicker Park that’s been transformed into loft apartments with a single-family home in the rear lot.

According to DNAinfo Chicago, the 1870’s-era church on the corner of Damen and Evergreen Avenues was purchased by JAB Real Estate Inc. for $1.3 million in April 2013. It is now home to 10 loft apartments and a single-family home, called the parsonage home, that sits on the rear lot. The residences have drawn strong interest from renters. Only the single-family home and one the lofts remain available for rent.

Jim Jann, co-owner of JAB Real Estate, explained the immense popularity of the building to DNAinfo Chicago.

“It’s a beautiful building. We are very happy to have been able to restore it and bring it back to the way I should look,” Jann said.

“It’s really a unique property and very different from other apartments. We hope it is an asset to the neighborhood.”

The available home in the back of the church consists of four bedrooms and four baths. It is listed for lease for $5,500 a month. The loft apartments range from $1,700 a month for a one bedroom to $4,000 a month for a three bedroom, two bath. The latter is the only loft still available for rent.

According to Jann, an extensive renovation effort was undergone on the church. That includes redoing the original stained glass that decorates the front facade of the church. Some of the interior architectural designs include 35-foot high ceilings in the second floor apartments and beadboard wood ceilings. These upgrades, as well as the church’s close proximity to a nearby park and an “L” station have also made it a desirable destination for renters, Jann said.