The Final Walkthrough

Before Closing: A Guide for Home Sellers on the Final Walkthrough

When selling a home, the final walkthrough is the last step to complete before the closing. With this walkthrough, buyers and their real estate agents get a chance to check that the property is still in the expected condition and ready for them to move into. This guide explains what typically happens during the final walkthrough and what buyers will be looking at:
Walls and Windows: Buyers will examine the walls, ceiling, and floors to see if any damage has appeared since their most recent visit. They’ll look for water stains, cracks, or any other signs of wear from moving items in or out.
Fixtures and Appliances: The purchaser will make sure all equipment and appliances noted in the contract remain onsite and operational. They will try out lights, appliances, and other fittings to check that everything works properly.
Plumbing and Electrical Systems: Buyers will test the faucets, showers, and other fixtures to make sure hot and cold water is coming out. They may also plug their own items into the outlets, like an iPhone charger, to see if they work.
HVAC: Buyers will turn on the air conditioning and heating to ensure that they both function properly. Lastly, if the buyer asked for any repairs during the home inspection, they will return to check that those were taken care of. They might even call the home inspector to double-check that everything was done correctly.
Cleanliness: All garbage and personal items should be removed from the property before the final walkthrough. It is important to leave the space in a “broom-swept condition”.
The final walk-through gives the buyers a chance to identify any potential issues that may come up prior to closing, so if they find anything major, the closing sometimes could be delayed until it is addressed (depending on your contract’s terms). Following these steps aids in having a positive final walkthrough and successful closing.
  • Maintain the property’s condition as agreed upon.
  • Complete agreed-upon repairs before the walkthrough.
  • Gather relevant documents and warranties.
  • Be accessible and available for the buyer and their agent to answer questions.
  • Ensure utilities are activated and operational.
  • Remove personal belongings and clutter from the property.
  • Leave keys and instruction manuals in a designated location.We will give the new buyers access code to the lockbox once the closing is completed.
Having an experienced real estate broker by your side can help you confidently navigate the final walkthrough. I can guide you on what to expect and assist in addressing any concerns raised during the walkthrough.
If you have any specific questions or concerns about the final walkthrough or any other aspect of the selling process, don’t hesitate to contact me at I am here to support you and ensure a successful closing on your property.