Step 6: Pre-Market Promotion

Welcome to Our Exclusive Pre-Market Platform

To ensure the best possible outcome for your home sale, we leverage our extensive professional network, including Top Agent Network (TAN) and the Private Listing Network (PLN).

Pre-Market Exposure: The Key to Success

When it comes to selling your home, exposure is everything. That’s why we take a proactive approach, ensuring your property gets noticed by the most qualified buyers before it even hits the open market. We can provide your listing with unparalleled pre-market exposure by leveraging exclusive networks such as Top Agent Network, an invitation-only online community made up of the top 10% of Chicagoland realtors.

Why the Private Market Process Matters for You

We are taking your home sale to the next level by introducing your property to the private market. Here’s how the private market process benefits you:

Access to Elite Realtors: Your home will be showcased to elite real estate professionals with a proven success track record and we will work closely with motivated buyers seeking pre-market opportunities. This increased exposure increases your chances of attracting highly qualified buyers who may be willing to pay a premium for your home.

Gauging Market Response: We gain valuable insights and feedback by granting these top-performing brokers an exclusive preview of your listing. This information helps us fine-tune our pricing strategy, ensuring that your property is positioned accurately and competitively in the market.

Faster Sales Process: With your property receiving early exposure to qualified buyers, the chances of a quick sale increase significantly. This saves you time and reduces the stress associated with prolonged listings.

Maintaining Privacy and Control: Selling a home can be personal, and we respect that. The private market process ensures that your property remains accessible only to a select group of trusted professionals, allowing you to maintain confidentiality and minimize disruptions.

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